Returning to your Self

Do you want to wind down and release tension you have accumulated during the day or over a longer period of time? Do you want to feel connected with your Self again? If so, this gentle but deep Yin class is for you. The session starts and ends with meditation while using the HumSa & SoHam mantra. Mentally saying it on the in- and exhalation has an unique effect for everybody - it either calms you down or wakes you up. Try it out to see what the effect is for you. The poses will help to release tension in the hips, legs, neck, upper back and lateral sides of your body. Releasing deep tension can result in strong emotions surfacing. If that is the case, allow it to come and let it out, it can be very healing and give you insight in your patterns. Different options are given for each pose, so you can adapt them to your needs. Props: blanket, blocks, bolster, pillow.


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