Harmonising frequency - Yin practice

Prepare to drop in … turn the lights low, clear distractions and have your props ready for a Yin / Restorative practice of poses with some gentle movement in between.  We start flowing very slowly on the floor, then a Yin pose. More 'super chill' flow and a restorative pose, some mellow movements and finishing resting in a supine supported position.  All the while, explore your frequencies inside and out and how to harmonise with sound and the universe around us. Thanks to these great musicians for sharing their music. Please support them by buying their music: Charlie Roscoe - Radiant Atoms Aki-Ra Sunrise - Amana Oneness Sound - Twameva Charlie Roscoe - Flute Temple David Lurey & Mirjam - Ide Were Were Joe Löhrmann - Sleep Well, Good Old Man Iris von Boyen & David Ma - Pure


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