Aid digestion - forward fold free

Do you have a poor posture due to a lot of sitting? Do you have digestion or certain belly or organ issues? Are you looking for a class with no forward bends? Then this session - in which we do backbends that will benefit your lower back, groin and organs - is for you.
Due to bad posture or sitting long hours behind the computer, your hip flexors can get shorter and pull on your pelvis. This can cause pain in the lower back or - in a worse-case scenario - a herniated disc. Lots of mental activity brings more blood to the brain than to the belly, creating organ and digestion problems and leave you feeling low in energy.
To counteract these problems we practice various long-held Yin poses, directed attention and deep belly breathing. Meanwhile, you may be able to explore the origin of any tension in your belly: perhaps, stress, hunchback posture, scar tissue, stuck emotions or shallow breathing play a part...? With that awareness, you can start to make changes that will support you.
This session will leave you feeling connected, detoxified and opened up. Props: blanket, block, bolster and/or pillow.


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