Yoga Nidra for inner awareness

Would you like to deeply relax, gain inner awareness and remove unwanted habits and tendencies? Then this Yoga Nidra class is for you. In this tantric practice, you will deeply relax into a state between external awareness (consciousness) and sleep (unconsciousness). You will bypass the intellectual mind and tap into a deeper consciousness. Being in this state allows you to direct the mind to accomplish anything, receive intuition, inspiration and discoveries - which all comes from your true self.
Whether this practice alone can give you all of this, it's difficult to say! But be open and try not to fall asleep while following the instructions given. (Not falling asleep is also a practice, so it may take some time!) Make sure you are comfortable lying on the floor and dressed warmly enough.
I am just beginning to offer Yoga Nidra so I'm curious to hear your comments. I hope you enjoy it.


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