Pranayama and the three Bandhas

Prana means 'life force, life energy', ayama means 'to extend or expand'. Bandha means 'to lock or to hold'. Combined, they provide very powerful tools to energise and vitalise our bodies. [A word or precaution before taking this practice: if you have any abdominal issues, are pregnant, suffer from high or low blood pressure, this practice isn't for you right now.]
This class is designed as an introduction to the progression of your pranayama practice and to give an insight into some of the colourful and mystical aspects of the science of yoga. The practice starts with the Savitri ratio, introducing small breath retentions. The chin lock and root lock (Jalandhara and Mula bandha) are then introduced, practiced and combined with the Savitri ratio. The practice moves on to the introduction of Uddiyana bandha with demonstrations and the time to explore before finishing with Maha bandha - the three locks combined - finishing with a short time in Savasana. If you are called to look deeper in this ancient tradition, give this class a go!


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