Sensual Shakti yoga

This practice helps you to connect more to your feminine (Yin) side. It is my own practice for when I feel too 'masculine', active, Yang... We have both sides in us - the masculine and the feminine - but most of us, (myself included) are often in our 'doing' Yang mode. This is great when we need to get things done. However, on the flip side it takes away our ability to dream, to wonder... just to be in this moment in a spontaneous way.
So to really relax and soften the system, this is a beautiful practice to connect more to your sensuality, awaken your senses, feel and connect more with yourself. We use breath, movement and sound to help us to surrender into this moment. If you need a bit more love and oxytocin in your system, then practice is for you. Let me know how this was for you in the comments below.


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