Prenatal Sun Salutation - Second trimester

Are you pregnant, in your second trimester and looking for a Prenatal Sun Salutation? Then this session is for you!
Your yoga practice is a great way to create some time for yourself and to connect with the little wonder that is growing in your belly. Starting by connecting with your baby using your breath, then becoming aware of your feelings, physical sensations and thoughts to help you set an intention. Then you will move the spine in different ways while gently hugging the baby towards you on the exhale. In doing so you will gently contract the pelvic floor to diminish the pressure of the baby on that area. The movements that follow will enhance the blood circulation, create more space for your baby and send more oxygen throughout your body and to your baby. The standing poses help to strengthen the legs, pelvic and back muscles, which need to be strong to hold the weight of your growing belly and also for labour. You will also release tension back, legs and hips. Finally, options are given for Savasana.
Throughout the prenatal Sun Salutation stay attuned with what you feel. If you experience pain, dizziness or nausea, take a moment to rest and breathe. Different options are given for each pose, so you can adapt them to your needs. Props needed: bolster, pillow, blanket and blocks.


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