Opening up your side body - practicing functionally

Do you want to practice functionally and therapeutically? This class starts with a short talk in which José explains how to practice yoga poses in a functional way, meaning: feeling the purpose of a pose instead of copying a picture of a pose. As each pose stimulates different areas of your body, the idea is to practice the pose in such a way you will experience the stimulated area while performing it; getting its therapeutic benefits. In this Yin session you will stimulate the lateral side of your body, opening up your inner and outer thighs, hips, bum, lateral sides of your torso and shoulders, while doing various side-bends. In the sides of our bodies we tend to hold a lot of tension, due to our very yang-ish lifestyle. Emotions like irritation can be released during this practice, making you calm in the end. The focus of this class is directed breathing. The breath affects every cell in the body, so when you combine bringing attention to the breath and directing it to a specific region, the energy moving towards a certain area is doubly increased. This session starts and finishes with meditation, and again, various options for poses are given. You might also like to practice José's accompanying class: Opening up your front body. Props: blanket, pillow, blocks, belt.

If you're interested in studying online with Jose, take a look at her certified, 50-hr online Yin yoga teacher training on the EkhartYoga Academy.


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