No more pain in your groin when practicing yoga

Do you experience a sharp pain in your groin when practicing poses like: Balasana (Child's Pose), Paschimottanasana (Caterpillar), Rajakapotasana (Swan/Sleeping Swan), Anjaneyasana (Low/High Lunge) with a twist, Gomukasana (Shoelace) and twists? Then this sequence is for you.

You will come to understand what creates the pain in your groin, and what you can do to avoid it by making various adjustments. We begin with a meditation, focussing on letting go of judgement and embracing your body as it is. Then various poses and alternatives are offered, followed by counter poses to open up the groin area. You will need: pillows, bolster, blanket and blocks. Before doing this sequence check out the talk 'Painful sensation in your groin explained'.


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