Show yourself - a class for tall people

When you're (very) tall, you might find yourself trying to shrink a bit and make yourself smaller. This happens consciously, for instance when you're in an airplane and the chair is too short for your body, or unconsciously - such as when someone exclaims 'wow, you're huge!'. Of course, it's not only tall people that try to make themselves smaller. So this class is also for you if you have a habit of not wanting to be seen completely. On a physical level, tall people tend to have tight shoulders and lower and upper back issues. This class is designed with all of this in mind: it will help you to relax in your body, it'll help you to let go of negative thoughts and habits so you can shine and show yourself. Expect shoulder openers, flowing movements, backbends, hip openers, Sun Salutations and a short meditation.


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