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Class 2: Detox yoga, twist from the core

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Class 2: Detox yoga, twist from the core

Stronger on the core, cleanse from the inside out, with this yoga class that starts with a supine warm up, some Sun salutations/ Surya Namaskara, Down Dog to Plank and Core Planks, Standing splits/ Urdhva Prasarita Eka Padasana, Parvritta Utkatasana, Bow Pose / Dhanurasana, Boat pose / Navasana and more. Please if you like leave a comment on how you get on, to keep eachother motivated :-) ..

Part of the Detox week - Tune Up and Refresh program

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Class by

Teacher: Esther Ekhart

Esther Ekhart

Teacher: Esther Ekhart
Level: All Levels
Style: Vinyasa Flow
Specific use: Back health, Energising, Sun Salutations, Twists
Duration: 45 min
Part of: Tune Up and Refresh

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