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Parents and kids AcroYoga workshop - Animal workshop

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Parents and kids AcroYoga workshop - Animal workshop

The ‘Animal’ workshop is designed to stimulate creativity, playfulness and self-expression, so participants can discover their favorite inner animal. During the workshop we use Yoga and AcroYoga to play with various animal postures and movements. On a physical level we work on developing balance. We also carefully explore back-bend techniques as we learn to work together and listen to each other and develop trusting relaxed interaction. 


•        Preparations: If you do this workshop with a small child, or if your hamstrings are a bit stiff, keep two yoga blocks handy. If you do not have yoga blocks use two very thick books.

•        Age: This workshop is suitable for kids between 6-12 years old and grownups/ older siblings/ friends * In the guidelines you can read more about doing this workshop with younger kids.

•        This workshop is the second of a structured series. I recommend starting with the first workshop in this series- the AcroYoga superheroes workshop, since each workshop gradually builds upon the previous one.

•        Parents, please read first the guidelines.

Part of the Yoga for Kids program

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Class by

Teacher: Esther Hertog

Esther Hertog

Teacher: Esther Hertog
Level: All Levels
Style: Acro Yoga, Kids Yoga
Specific use: Backbends, Energising, Inversions, Strength/Core
Duration: 60 min
Part of: Yoga for Kids

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