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Parents & kids AcroYoga - Qi workshop

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Parents & kids AcroYoga - Qi workshop

In the third workshop we focus on learning about Qi (pronounced ‘Chi’). In Chinese philosophy Qi is the circulating dynamic energy inherent in all living things. According to this belief Chi unifies our body, mind and spirit. During the workshop we create a fine AcroYoga ‘Chi Machine’ to stimulate lots of positive energy as we playfully learn about relaxing, letting go, meditation and softness. This workshop is the third of a structured series. As each workshop gradually builds upon the previous one, I recommend starting with the first in the series - the AcroYoga superheroes workshop - and then do the Animal AcroYoga workshop, before following this workshop. 

Parents, please read first the guidelines.

Part of the Yoga for Kids program

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Class by

Teacher: Esther Hertog

Esther Hertog

Teacher: Esther Hertog
Level: All Levels
Style: Acro Yoga, Kids Yoga
Specific use: Backbends, Back health, Stress reduction
Duration: 60 min
Part of: Yoga for Kids

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