Super Sleeper Series

Super Sleeper Series

Become a super sleeper with this series of talks and practices.

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Simple solutions for a restful night's sleep - starting Monday, 19th November

If you’re one of the millions of people who experience poor sleep, you’ll know all too well how it can affect your emotional and physical wellbeing. Research shows that just one bad night’s sleep can affect our ability to focus and concentrate, suppress our immunity, dampen our motivation and increase our appetite. Long-term, lack of sleep can have serious health consequences, including heart disease, depression and obesity.

Now for some good news

There’s something you can do about it! In this 2-week series, Taetske Kleijn looks at four common causes of sleep problems and teaches you some simple practices to help you address them. You will learn how to:

  • calm your restless mind
  • free yourself from anxiety expressed in nightmares
  • let go of the fear of not being in control
  • balance a disturbed day / night rhythm

This series is not so much about problem-solving, it's more about finding a place of compassion for what is causing the problems, which will give you a path to relaxation ~ Taetske Kleijn


Who is it for?

These techniques are far-reaching, so even if you don’t experience sleep issues they can help you to become more aware of your habits and tendencies, learn how to relax, cleanse and heal the body on a deep level and ultimately equip yourself to, in Taetske's words, 'stop fuelling restlessness and start fuelling peacefulness.'

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