Declutter your mind with Yin Yoga

Declutter your mind with Yin Yoga

6 Yin yoga classes to organise your energy system through different focus points, bringing your mind, body and energy back into balance, and improving your concentration and focus.

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Learn how to focus your mind and experience peace as a result

This 2-week online yoga program includes 6 Yin yoga classes with Esther Ekhart.
In each class there is a different focus point for our attention. We start with the more physical sensations of the breath and the body moving on to our emotions and thoughts, so the challenge to stay focused grows as we progress through the classes.

The practices will help you feel more centred and grounded by bringing your energy down from your head into your body, into the lower chakras around the lower belly area. When we develop this stability from truly ‘being’ in the body and from the supportive connection with the earth, our energy systems become more centred, stable and organised.

The classes build on each other so follow the classes in order. Once you’ve completed the 6 classes you might like to come back to repeat specific classes again. 

Who is it for?

This program is available for all EkhartYoga members.
New to EkhartYoga? You can follow the program for free during your 2-week trial.
The classes are suitable for all levels. If you’ve not tried Yin yoga before, read about the key principles in The Benefits of Yin Yoga.

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