Energy 101: Self-care in challenging times

Energy 101: Self-care in challenging times

Talks and meditations to protect, strengthen and harness your energy.

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In times of great turbulence when we may experience huge waves of emotions, it becomes all the more important to be able to care for ourselves and others in the kindest way we can.

This 3-part mini-series of short talks and accompanying 15-minute meditations was created in response to the coronavirus pandemic but is equally applicable during any time of great change.

The principles of energy

We’ll be exploring the general principles of energy, and how they play into and affect us globally and collectively. This series will deepen your understanding of these principles so you can use that knowledge in a practical, helpful way in your daily life.

Three starting points

Our individual experiences of the current global situation are vastly different, ranging from deep tragedy, loss, grief and fear to mild discomfort or perhaps even welcoming of the slow-down. This series has therefore been arranged so as to cater to 3 different 'starting points'. It’s useful to watch all 3 parts to see the build, and because we are likely to experience these phases at different times.

Part 1 is for those looking for soothing and self-care during challenging, or even crisis situations. It also introduces some of the general energetic principles that we will build on throughout the other sessions.

Part 2 is for when we are looking to cultivate more grounding in our energy field, strengthening and nurturing ourselves so as to be more resilient to outer fluctuations.

Part 3 will explore how we can use our understanding of energy not only to find balance or grounding, but also to thrive – perhaps even so much so, that our positive energy can ripple into the world around us.

The intention throughout is to empower ourselves with practical knowledge and tools that are useful to us in daily life; to create a little more grounding, calm, balance, lightness, and compassion.

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