Flexibility for Beginners

Flexibility for Beginners

Think you're not flexible enough to do yoga? This program of five classes, specially created for beginners, is for you. Esther shows you how to work on flexibility in your whole body and offers lots of variations to make it accessible for everyone. 

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Learn how to improve your flexibility in this beginners yoga program with Esther Ekhart.

Lots of people say they can't do yoga because they're not flexible. If that sounds familiar then this yoga program with Esther has been made with you in mind! 

What to expect

Over the course of five classes you will travel through the body to find out which areas have less mobility. You'll learn how to improve flexibility in those areas or adapt poses so that you can still practise them. We start with the hips and hamstrings, moving onto the shoulders and upper body and then the spine. Esther will also show you how to work on core strength to keep the body stable and supported. The program ends with a Yin yoga for Beginners practice that will make your whole body feel amazing.

Esther is joined by one of her students, Floor, in all of the classes so you will see how yoga poses can be adapted. Floor says: "It was really good for me because I'm not flexible at all and I'm also a beginner at yoga. There are lots of poses I can't do but there was always a different option for me so I could stay encouraged and keep practising".

Who is it for?

This program is available for all EkhartYoga members. If you're not a member, join us here. Esther designed it especially with yoga beginners in mind but it will benefit anyone who wants to work on their flexibility.

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