The 5 Archetypes of Men

The 5 Archetypes of Men

A series of classes on self-discipline and introspection for men who are ready to take their yoga and life to new levels of integrity on and off the mat.

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Philosophy into action - Yoga for men

This series of yoga classes will integrate some of the concepts of Carl Jung's Archetypes of Man and bring them to life through poses, self-inquiry and new practice integration. 

"The power and humble pride of the King. The strength and focus of the Warrior. The playfulness and entertaining essence of the Joker. The mystery and surprise of the Magician. The compassion and sensitivity of the Lover."

Who is it for?

This all-levels program is designed for men who are ready to take their yoga and life to new levels of integrity on and off the mat. Life is constantly changing, thus which Archetype we embody also changes. As men, we must be able to step into every role with clarity.

Can women join in too? The answer is yes, it was created with men in mind but everyone is welcome to follow the program and see what applies to your life. 

What to expect

Over 5 classes we will explore and discover positive and negative qualities (also known as Mature / Immature) of five Archetypes of Man. David introduces each Archetype with a talk, followed by a short sequence where the poses reflect the qualities we wish to create.  David invites you to explore these concepts on and off the mat with practices for body, mind & spirit – to integrate philosophy and bring it into action. 

A personal note from David
I had originally planned for this to be a program for all men. However, my style of teaching and the topics that I cover may not resonate with men who only practise yoga for physical reasons or are uninterested in exploring the deeper parts of their being. If that sounds like a challenge to you, great! Try it...see how far you can take it and what potent aspects of yourself you are ready to explore, discover, strengthen or get rid of. 

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