Building Essential Strength

Building Essential Strength

Awaken your inner strength in this program for beginners and seasoned practitioners! This intelligently designed, Iyengar-based program targets different areas of the body, including core, legs, Bandhas, back, hips and shoulders, enabling you to build strength safely and effectively.  

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Learn how to access your inner and outer strength by targeting and integrating different areas of the body in this intelligently designed series of strengthening classes.

What to expect? 

Becoming stronger is rewarding both physically and mentally. It has a positive effect on your confidence and influences how you face challenges in daily life.

We recommend that you practise 2 classes per week for 3 weeks. If you find a particular class challenging, then repeat this class. It may help you to decide beforehand which days you would like to practice and mark that time in your schedule.

In this 6 part program, you'll learn to develop your strength from the inside. You will feel more like you are doing a work-IN than a work-OUT.  Tap into your inner strength, wisdom and intelligence and transform your whole being.

  • Class 1: Core 
    We work from easy standing poses and link them to specific exercises and actions to train your core muscles and become stronger.
  • Class 2: Legs
    Using the most precious tool - your body - to create your own resistance, you will feel how a certain intelligence awakens in your legs to create space, stability and strength.
  • Class 3: Core - the Bandhas
    We need to connect our entire body in order to create steadfast strength. Explore the connection between the legs and the core with the Bandhas.  
  • Class 4: Hip stability
    To build sustainable strength in our body we need stability. This class will give you tools to stabilise your hips, improving the muscle strength of your abdomen.
  • Class 5: Upper back
    A thorough practice to build strength in the upper back. You will also learn the importance of integrating your legs in order to safely access the upper back.
  • Class 6: Shoulders
    Support your own body weight from your shoulders in a safe way. Learn how you need to create space in the joints first before awakening the strength in your shoulders. 

Who is it for? 

This program is for everyone. It is ideal for beginners and the well-practiced yogi. This is a great series to return to regularly, to develop or maintain both your inner and outer strength.

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