108 Sun Salutations Challenge

108 Sun Salutations Challenge

This program will help train your body and mind to practise 108 Sun Salutations. A worthy challenge!聽

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Complete 108 Sun Salutations in one session, in a safe and empowering way

Completing the challenge of 108 Sun Salutations can make you feel more focused, disciplined and resilient and the training will get you fit.

What to expect

Gradually build yourself up to 108 Sun Salutations聽and then back down again, with this four week training plan. Each class will include a warm-up and a full Savasana. We practise a simple Sun Salutation A and give options and modifications to keep your body safe.聽Also includes extra classes to complement and balance the practice. Sign in or start your free trial with EkhartYoga to join in this challenge.

For every body

Our comprehensive training program will also go through modifications and variations to suit your body. Practising the 108 is of course physically intense and so it is not for complete yoga beginners unless you are already fit and have good upper body strength from other sports.

"I was able to do every part of it because of the pacing and it has been almost effortless in that flowing way that we practise together." - EY member

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