Energy Flow Meditation

Energy Flow Meditation

Inspired by the traditional Tibetan healing system (Kum Nye), these meditations will work the breath, movement and touch to awaken the energy flow in your body. Discover the body's natural restorative capabilities.  

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Become aware of the wisdom and natural capacity of the body to restore and free itself of tension.

This series of meditations with Esther Teule are inspired by the teachings of Kum Nye Yoga - a traditional Tibetan healing system.

Kum Nye focuses on body awareness and the restoring of the natural energy flow through the body. Integrating the physical and psychological through simple postures and movement, as well as self-massage and breathing practices. 

Through this series of classes you will learn to relax and restore your body in an easy, joyful way. There is no specific outcome or goal, just the practice of getting more attuned to your body and a letting go of the linear logic of the mind that often causes stress and tension.

What to expect?

This program consists of six meditations. Each class is around 25 minutes long. We will work with some of the techniques of Kum Nye; the breath, movement and touch. Each class will start with a centering through the breath (through the nose and the mouth), followed by a simple exercise to awaken an energy flow that we allow to expand through the body. 

"We practise to let go of any form of manipulation or expectation by just letting the energy flow freely, surrendering to its course. This in itself is deeply relaxing." Esther Teule.

We recommended taking the course of classes over two weeks. Practising three new classes a week. You can repeat each class before moving on to the next if you wish. 

Who is it for? 

The Energy Flow meditations are accessible for everybody and don’t require any previous experience. The meditations offer deep relaxation and insights for advanced practitioners as well as beginners. This program is for EkhartYoga members. To become a member you can join here.  

More information on Kum Nye

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