Revolutionise Your Yoga

Revolutionise Your Yoga

Explore new ways of moving to help you connect with your body, revitalise your practice and revolutionise your yoga.

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Explore new ways of moving and revolutionise your yoga!

This program will inspire you to try new ways of moving that 'colour outside of the lines' of traditional yoga poses to help you understand what works best for your body. 

3 weeks, 3 teachers, infinite inspiration...

Esther Ekhart guides you through some of the most commonly-used yoga poses and invites you to move through them in a way that honours your individual body. 
Julie Martin encourages you to be intelligently rebellious in your practice - expect to be spiralling, waving and rolling!
Gilda Goharian invites you to mix up your movement with Martial Arts-inspired Budokon yoga.

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