Yoga for fitness sequence

This sequence will elevate your heart rate, challenge your balance and increase your arm and leg strength.

  • Warrior 3

    Come into Warrior III standing on your right leg and place your hands in prayer position.

  • Warrior 3 bent knee variation

    Slowly bend your standing leg. Then slowly straighten it. Repeat this, alternating between bending and straightening 10 times.

  • Standing splits

    Lower your hands to the ground and lift the left leg, coming into Standing splits. Your raised leg might not come so high - that's ok! Push through the ball of the foot of your raised leg.

  • Knee dips

    Bend both legs tapping left knee to the outside of the right foot (or as low as your body allows), like a little curtsy.

    Go back into Standing splits and then repeat the movement - curtsy to Standing Splits x 10.

  • Tip toe standing splits

    Plant your hands onto the ground and come onto the ball of the right foot.

  • Handstand hops

    Kick up towards Handstand. Repeat Handstand hops x 10.

  • Low lunge

    Step the left leg back into Low lunge 

  • Plank

    Then step the right leg back into Plank

  • Chaturanga

    Lower from Plank to Chaturanga. Then push back up to Plank pose. Repeat Chaturanga to Plank working up to 10 repetitions.

  • Second side

    Repeat the whole sequence on the left side, beginning, this time, in Warrior 3 standing on your left leg.

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