Reclined Twist


Step by step

  • Lie on your back with your arms in a T-shape.
  • Move your hips a little over the right and bring your knees over to the left.
  • Support your knees with a bolster or blocks.
  • Hold the pose for 3 to 5 minutes.
  • To come out of the pose, bring your knees over your hips and repeat on the other side.

Beginners’ tips

  • Don’t force the twist and use as many props as you need to be able to relax.


  • Restores spine neutrality.
  • Restores balance in the nervous system.
  • Massages the organs of digestion.
  • Stimulates the Urinary bladder and Gallbladder meridians.
  • Can stimulate the Heart, Lung and Small Intestine meridians if you find sensations in the arms.

Watch out for

  • Avoid any tingling sensations in the arms. If tingling occurs, adjust the arm position, elevate them with a bolster or bring them by your side


  • You can keep your knees together or apart (in this case, place a cushion or block between your knees).
  • Adjust the position of your knees, depending on the area of the back you want to target: they can either be tucked up towards your armpit or parallel with your hips.
  • ‘Play’ with the position of your neck: keep it neutral or look away from your legs.
  • Straighten one leg, bend the opposite knee, and guide it with your hand towards the floor, over the straight leg. In this variation, keep both shoulder blades grounded and support your knee with a bolster if it doesn’t reach the floor.
  • Try the Twisted Roots variation by crossing your legs and, if possible, tuck your top foot around the opposite calf. This variation might offer you an additional stretch in the hip area.
  • If twisting is comfortable, try placing a sandbag across your shoulders. To do so, place a block just above the shoulder on the side you are not twisting towards (if you bring your knees towards the left, place the block above your right shoulder) Place the sandbag over your shoulder and block (start with most of the weight on the block) This will offer you a deeper opening in the chest area.
  • An additional sandbag could be placed on the opposite thigh.

Alternative poses

Counter pose

  • Savasana