Getting back in shape right after giving birth

Regain your posture, strengthen your pelvic floor and close up your abdomen after giving birth, with this postnatal recovery sequence inspired by Birthlight. You can practice this session one hour after a natural delivery or once the drains have been removed after a Caesarean section. The poses can be done while lying in bed or on the floor and help you to stretch and strengthen your body after delivery. Two kinds of breath are offered: the first one you can do until your pelvic floor muscles have recovered from birth, the second one can be done when the pelvic floor muscles are no longer sore (about one week after vaginal delivery). Use the first or the second breath while you are doing the poses. The more you practice this sequence, the more beneficial it will be. But don't do more than you are able to, trust your instincts and build it up gradually. 聽


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