Fun, dynamic Dragon flow

Do you enjoy energising flows that offer something different from Sun Salutations? Would you like to connect with the energy flow within and outside of you? Then this variation of the Dragon Flow is for you! José has added organic movements and extra poses to the original sequence of Suzee Grilley to challenge your strength, balance and flexibility even more. Connecting with Chi that is present within you and everywhere around us, you will move creatively and playfully, feeling your body's liquidity instead of stiffness. José encourages you to experiment with the different poses in order to discover your possibilities, and feel the effect of the poses all over your body. The sequence comprises: different kinds of Warrior poses, wide stance twists, forward bends, balancing, and back bending variations. We end with Savasana and optional meditation. This session will leave you feeling energised, sweaty and connected with the energies within you. Try José's Warm up your joints before a vigorous flow class before you start, to get your body ready. This session is great for yogis who like to play, but also for pregnant yoginis in their first and second trimester who have a regular yoga practice. You'll need a blanket for this class.


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