Increase chi flow and upper body strength

Would you like to connect with the energy flow inside and outside of you? Do you want to enhance your upper body strength and elevate your cardiovascular system? Then this Yin Yang flow is for you! It's a great class for those who like to play a little and get sweaty!
We start slowly by connecting to the Chi flow that is present within and everywhere around us. Then in the more dynamic flow, which is inspired by my teachers Paul and Suzee Grilley, you are encouraged to play a little - moving the feet and hands in any way to facilitate movements that will get your heart racing and enhance your upper body strength. You can make this part as long and sweaty as you want; just repeat until you have had enough.
The class finishes with some Yin poses to help you wind down and release any tension, before finally relaxing in Savasana and an optional meditation. This session will leave you feeling energised, sweaty and connected with the energies within you. You could also try my class, Warm up your joints before a vigorous flow before you start this session, to get your chi flow moving even more! Props needed: a blanket, pillow and blocks.


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