Opening up your front body - practising functionally

Do you want to practise functionally and therapeutically? Starting with a short talk, José explains how to practise yoga poses in a functional way, meaning: feeling the purpose of a pose instead of copying a picture of a pose.
As each pose stimulates different areas of your body the idea is to practise it in such a way that you experience the stimulated area while performing it, thereby getting its therapeutic benefits. 

In this Yin session you will stimulate the front of your body, opening up your thighs, hips, belly and chest, while doing various backbends. Backbends are very beneficial for your back, unless a sharp stinging sensation is experienced. (For more on this, watch my talk, SI-joint and lower back explained).
The focus of this class is simple awareness of everything that happens. We start and finish with a meditation and various options for poses are given. You might also like to practise José's accompanying class: Opening up your side body

Props: blanket, pillow, bolster, blocks.


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