Functional Yoga Program

Functional Yoga Program

Learn to adapt yoga for your own body with Esther Ekhart, Anat Geiger and Marcel van de Vis Heil.
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This 3 week program is all about learning how to make yoga poses work for our individual bodies. We focus on what we are really trying to achieve with various yoga poses and why, and therefore how we can adapt them so that they serve us best. We bring our attention more on the function of the pose rather than its form.

So what do we mean by Functional Yoga?

When we talk about practicing or teaching yoga in a functional way it’s helpful to ask these three questions:

1. What is the function of the pose? What are you trying to achieve? Which part of the body are you targeting?

2. What’s stopping or restricting the pose? Is it a physical restriction (tension or compression) or perhaps emotional or energetic blocks?

3. How can you change the pose to make it work for you? Are there physical adjustments you can make to the shape of the pose, do you need to work on restrictions in your muscles and fascia or freeing stuck energy?

In this program, you will have a new class with Esther, Anat and Marcel each week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday:

Week 1: We look at “traditional” yoga poses and how to make them more functional

Week 2: We focus on three areas of the body - legs, torso, upper body - drilling down how to work on these target areas in a functional way

Week 3: Putting it into practice. Each teacher incorporates the lessons from the previous weeks into a free flow in their signature style

3 teachers bringing you their own perspective on Functional Yoga.

After this program you can take what you have learnt into any class you do on EkhartYoga.

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