Anat Geiger

Anat Geiger threads science, spirituality, philosophy teachings and chakra theory through her teaching, combining Yang elements of strength and rhythm with Yin elements of kindness and silence.

Anat took her first yoga class in 1996 and immediately found something that, without knowing it, she had been always looking for. Having spent 25 years on stage in her career in performance arts, Anat studied intensively with Teresa Caldas and Dona Holleman and followed both their teacher trainer programs. They taught her priceless insights into alignment, precision, therapeutics, impeccability, clarity and intent.

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In 2009 Anat met Paul and Suzee Grilley and began studying Yin Yoga, Chakra Theory and Meditation and Philosophy. Through Paul and Suzee, Anat found new and unexpected possibilities. She discovered that our bodies are fundamentally different and alignment will vary from person to person. She learned that science and spirituality enrich and benefit each other and that we need strength, acceptance, fierceness but also kindness, movement and stillness; Yang and Yin. Anat continues to study with Paul and Suzee and is one of their main assistants.

Anat’s teaching combines the strong Yang elements of strength and rhythm with the Yin elements of kindness and silence into the classes, always focusing on practising with awareness and joy.

“It’s the observation of what happens inside during the practice that never ceases to fascinate me. And it’s the unrelenting commitment to silence the mind and soften the heart that inspires me to come back to the mat every day, both as a teacher and as a yoga practitioner”.

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Anat Geiger

Alongside her regular classes and programs on EkhartYoga, you can also take your studies further with Anat’s specialist courses on the Academy:

Introduction to Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras – Explore the most pivotal Sutras from the first two chapters and contemplate the purpose of practicing yoga beyond Asana, as a road towards self-realization.
Fundamentals of Yoga Philosophy – A dive into the philosophical concepts of yoga to help you uncover a deeper meaning to your practice.