Get Fit and Healthy in 10 Days

Get Fit and Healthy in 10 Days

In this strong and challenging 10 day program with Esther build strength and stamina with deep core work and Sun Salutations.

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30 minute classes with lots of core work and energising Sun Salutations!

Build up your strength and fitness using Sun Salutations from the Ashtanga Yoga system as well as strengthening and toning exercise for your core.

  • Build up and strengthen your abdominals, arms and legs 
  • Improve your whole yoga practice with a stronger core
  • Increase your overall fitness
  • Gain confidence and a positive body image 

The classes build up gradually so that by the end of the program you will be able to do five Sun Salutation A's and five Sun Salutation B's. Each video includes deep core exercises and finishes with a relaxation.

Over these 10 days we will also be building two habits:

Practise - getting on your mat each day with the intention of giving your energy to your practice.
Non-attachment - allowing everything to be to exactly as it is. Even though we have a goal we can still allow whatever arises to happen.

You might also like to follow a gentle 7 - Day Detox plan alongside these classes.

Who is this for? 

This program includes strong abdominal work which is not recommended if you are pregnant. It requires some arm and upper body strength so if you are new to yoga or are just getting back into shape you may like to take a little longer than the 10 days for this program.

How does it work? 

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Going on holiday? Take this program with you and watch offline! 

EkhartYoga members can use our free app to download all 10 classes for free and play them offline. Available for iOS and Android.

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