Mastering Anxiety

Mastering Anxiety

James Reeves brings you 8 classes of talks and practices, including breathwork, movement, meditation and Yoga Nidra. Set yourself free from anxiety with the teachings of yoga.

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The Mastering Anxiety program with James Reeves will teach you simple techniques and lifelong skills to help you to gain freedom from anxiety.

These 8 classes include talks on neuroscience, psychology and the deeper teachings of yoga, alongside practical exercises, meditation, breathwork, gentle movement and Yoga Nidra.
You'll find out how to manage and control your physical anxiety more effectively by working with the body. You will also discover how to create longer-lasting change by working with the mind, understanding your fears so that you can begin to break free from their control.
You'll learn:

  • simple exercises to begin a rewiring in the brain and nervous system

  • practical techniques for changing your breathing patterns to reduce tension. Integrating these with movement to give you a sense of feeling grounded, centred and calm

  • psychological techniques for dealing with anxiety triggers

  • how to truly, openly listen to yourself, using techniques of Yoga Nidra to meet the roots of anxiety

  • the deepest secret to the teachings of yoga: to recognise that we are not our thoughts, beliefs and stories, but how they appear within us
  • how to relax your effort and control to find the peace and ease that was there all along

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