Childs Pose - Balasana

Childs pose Balasana Ekhart Yoga

Step by step

  • Sit on your heels, knees spread mat distance apart and bring your head towards the floor
  • Your arms can be either stretched out to the front, by your side or hands underneath your forehead
  • Breathe into your lower back
  • Stay for anywhere between 30 seconds and several minutes in this resting pose
  • To come out, exhale and roll up vertebra by vertebra, or come back to sitting with a straight spine.

Beginners’ tips

  • Child’s pose is about being comfortable and rested as well as increasing flexibility in the hips and back. So take a look at this article on How to modify Child’s pose to find the variation that suits your body
  • Many people find it more comfortable to take the knees wider (to the width of a yoga mat). This also creates more space if you have a larger belly or breasts.
  • Use props or stack your fists to support your forehead if it doesn’t reach the floor comfortably
  • Use padding under your knees or ankles if you need to.


  • Stretches the hips, thighs, lower back, ankles and knees
  • Helps relieve fatigue
  • Calms the mind and the body
  • Can be used as a resting pose any time.

Watch out for

  • If you have knee or ankle injuriesyou may prefer to substitute Childs pose with a different resting pose such as Savasana / Corpse Pose
  • If you feel compression or discomfort in your hips – or if you feel any constriction in the pose, try a wider-legged variation or substitute with a pose on your back like Reclined Butterfly pose


  • Try the side stretch variation: start in Child’s pose with your arms extended forward. On an out-breath, walk your hands towards one side until you feel a comfortable stretch. Stay for 3 to 5 breaths, then on an in-breath walk your hands back and repeat on the other side
  • Make it even more restorative by using a bolster or a couple of pillows to completely support your weight
  • For a visual aid check out our article on different Child Pose modifications.