Allison Dearling

Allison was drawn to Ashtanga yoga to help her improve her upper body mobility after breaking both arms in a serious car accident at 18. With over 20 years of practice and 16 years of teaching, she is stronger now in her 40s than she was when she began.

For this reason Allison is passionate about helping her students regain confidence in their bodies after serious injury, illness or inertia and works alongside her students in her Yoga therapy clinic in Townsville, Australia.

Ashtanga yoga is challenging physically and mentally but can be modified to fit in with your body and life. The set sequence doesn’t allow you to avoid postures you don’t like, so it invites you to notice things about yourself when challenged. You can’t hide anything in Ashtanga yoga; it’s a self-study activity. I love finding ways to bring this challenging practice to anyone, no matter where they’re starting from.

After working for the BBC and Scottish television in Glasgow, Allison studied at the Chi School of Yoga in Glasgow in 2005. She followed this with four extended trips to Mysore, India (the home of Ashtanga yoga) and studied with many other teachers in the US, UK and Australia. Allison recently completed her Graduate Certificate in Yoga Therapy and has been working on a one-to-one basis with many students in a therapeutic and rehabilitation setting, helping them to find balance, ease and healing.

Allison is down to earth – firm but fun, tuned-in and knowledgeable – and she makes Ashtanga yoga accessible to everyone. Allison describes herself as a ‘forever student’ and is always exploring ways to use the practice of yoga to find clarity, courage and kindness within herself and help others to do the same.