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David Dodd

Teacher: David Dodd

"yoga offers a set of tools for growing our agency (our ability to act and have effect) in an interconnected world" 

Meet David, yoga teacher and coach - engaging and empowering people at work and now at home with Ekhart Yoga!

David works as a coach and yoga teacher and is based in Amsterdam (NL) and Bath (UK). The focus of David’s coaching work is engagement and empowerment in the business environment in which he blends the resilience building techniques - such as simple bodywork, meditation, and breathing - of the East with practical skills needed to thrive at work. David works both one-on-one and in group settings.

David has practiced yoga for over 15 years, qualified as a Yoga Teacher at Svaha Yoga in Amsterdam in 2008, and is registered as a UK Yoga Alliance RYT 200 teacher. David's passion is making yoga philosophy real: translating the teachings of the traditional yoga texts to the language of our times, and in a way that is simple, relevant and personally actionable.

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David believes that, whatever our motivations for practicing, yoga offers a set of tools for growing our agency (our ability to act and have effect) in an interconnected world. David regularly organises workshops combining the tools of philosophy and asana practice to support participants in their ability to use these tools to deepen and personalise their practice, to explore the nature of interconnectedness inside and out, and to grow agency.

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