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Deirdre Desmond

Teacher: Deirdre Desmond

"Yoga to me is a tool to help me in my life, it is also an adventure, a path to....who am I?" 

Meet Deirdre who teaches yoga for kids on EkhartYoga.

Deirdre Desmond comes from Cork in Ireland where she teaches yoga for children, teenagers and adults. 

After completing various teacher training courses, Deirdre resumed her studies and in 2014 completed her 500 hours' training with Amy Matthews BMC, Christine Howitt and Lisa Peterson, a pupil of Donna Farhi and Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen.

Deirdre is also inspired by her studies in Hanna Somatics, a form of embodied anatomy movement work, which helps us to realign ourselves and to release unconscious tension. This has taught her how important it is to be in the pose ‘moment to moment’  and how mindful breathing movement can bring ease and stability.

Deirdre believes yoga helps children develop a healthy physical body in a fun and safe environment, stimulating imagination and confidence.


Look out for her Yoga for Kids programme on EkhartYoga - 12 classes for children and teenagers. 

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