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Deirdre Desmond

Teacher: Deirdre Desmond

"Yoga to me is a tool to help me in my life, it is also an adventure, a path to....who am I?" 

Meet Deirdre, teaching yoga for kids on Ekhart Yoga

Deirdre Desmond hails from Cork in Ireland where she teaches yoga for kids of all ages, as well as Vinyasa Flow and Restorative Yoga for adults.

She's inspired recently by her training in Hanna Somatics, a form of embodied anatomy movement work, and by her advanced teacher training with Lisa Peterson, an inspiring course which like somatics is an embodied and authentic approach to the yoga.

"I am learning to allow the asanas to suit my body and hopefully then guide my students to find their own true path in yoga."

Deirdre believes yoga helps children develop a healthy physical body in a fun and safe environment, stimulating imagination and confidence.

Practice yoga at home with your kids

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Look out for Deirdre's Yoga for Kids program. 12 classes for children and teenagers. We will be adding a new class every two weeks. Available for everyone with an EkhartYoga subscription.

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