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Jennilee Toner

Teacher: Jennilee Toner


Jennilee has the best job in the world…travelling the world and teaching four of her passions: Yoga, Human Anatomy, Injury Prevention, and Mythology of the Asanas.

Jennilee Toner, author of The Perfect Chaturanga: A Comprehensive Guide to the Human Body
Through the Practice of Vinyasa Yoga
, has been practising Hatha and Vinyasa yoga since 1996,
teaching Hatha and Vinyasa yoga since 2003, teaching experiential anatomy to yoga teachers in
training since 2010, and teaching her own Hot Warrior Yoga teacher trainings since 2012.


Why yoga?

After many years working as a Deputy Sheriff, training as a medic, military policewoman and
drill sergeant for the US Army, and living in shock after the sudden death of her young mother,
Jennilee found herself waking up to the fact that she wanted to be a kind person, wanted to live
her life intimately aware of the tender sweetness of each moment. In that illumination, in
that wanting, she found herself at her first yoga class. Standing in tree pose in an attic, weeping as the yoga teacher read a poem about the unconditional giving of the earth’s trees, Jennilee felt, for the first time, the precious interconnectedness of all things. Jennilee has been practising yoga ever since!

To teach or not to teach…

There really was no question. Already a belly dance and fitness instructor, Jennilee immediately
knew that yoga would be a perfect complement to any workout regime. At first, Jennilee taught
from a purely physical fitness standpoint…oh how she can still ROCK a good kick-butt cardio
flow! Then, just as all things in this universe organically evolve, Jennilee began to both expand
and deepen her perspective. In the process of practising Bikram yoga 6 days a week for two
years straight, she witnessed tremendous shifts in her body, in her mind, and in her heart. In
2008 she chose to study with Yogi Hari of Sampoorna Yoga (Sivananda lineage) in his ashram
in Miramar, Florida. The study and then teaching of classical yoga began.

Silent Meditation and Hot Warrior Yoga

In 2010 Jennilee enthusiastically embarked on the inevitable journey of a yogi into Self…a ten-day
silent (no eye contact) Vipassana style meditation retreat. OMG…how her mind entertained
her for 8 of those 10 days! While she was supposed to be focusing her mind solely on her
breath and the sensations in her body Jennilee found her mind continuously wandering. Over the course of the retreat she created the 50plus posture practice that is Hot Warrior Yoga; she
wrote (inside her mind as no writing utensils were permitted) the 90 minute creative, intelligent
and safe sequence, and the teacher training format and the manual that would accompany it. It was
only on the ninth day of the retreat Jennilee rested her mind and meditated deeply!

Where is Jennilee now?

Jennilee has the best job in the world…travelling the world and teaching four of her passions: Yoga, Human Anatomy, Injury Prevention, and Mythology of the Asanas. She feels blessed to work with some of the best yoga teachers in the field: Esther Ekhart and the rest of the amazingly awesome teaching and assisting team at EkhartYoga [ah, thank you dear Jennilee - the EY team <3)]. Plus, Vidya Heisel, Jennifer Yarro, Alicia Bargh, Gilda Goharian, and the wonderful teaching team of Frog Lotus Yoga. Last but not least - Jennilee's top-notch training team for her Hot Warrior Yoga 200 and Inner Sanctum Yoga 300 teacher trainings.

In addition to these teacher trainings, Jennilee continues to travel the world with her "Perfect Chaturanga" and "Take Flight from Perfect Chaturanga" workshops celebrating the key concepts outlined in her book, The Perfect Chaturanga, illustrated by the very talented and insightful Suzanne Martin. When not travelling, she loves to teach cycling classes in New York, USA and spend as much time as possible loving and cuddling her two dogs and long-time partner Dan.

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