If you’re having trouble playing videos the following steps can help:

1 Sign out, close your browser, reopen it and sign back in again

We regularly make updates and bug fixes to the website so you might need to exit the website and come back in again to see the changes. The best way to do this is to sign out of your account, close your browser, re-open your browser and sign back in again. This solves the majority of issues including playing classes. If it does not please try the following steps:

2 Clear your cookies and cache and restart your browser

Here’s how to do that in the most common browsers:

3 Update your browser

If your browser is not updated it may cause problems with your streaming. It’s a good idea to keep your browser up to date for other reasons like security. Here are some guides to checking you have the latest versions and how to update them. Not sure what browser you’re using? This link will automatically take you to the guide you need.

4 Do you use Adblock or anti-virus software?

Check if your anti-virus or Adblock Plus software is interfering with your video streaming. You can usually disable it for specific websites.

5 Chrome users – Are you using a data saving extension?

Please disable the extension while playing the videos.

Still having trouble?

If you’re still having trouble viewing the videos, please contact us by email and we’ll help you fix the problem. Contacting us by email is the quickest way to get support because we are able to see the device and browser you are using.