Daily yoga poses

Relieve and release built-up tension with these 6 yoga poses you can do every day.

Daily yoga poses, MacKenzie

1. Low lunge with side bend - hold for 5 breaths then repeat on opposite side

Low lunge with side bendLow lunge with side bend

2. Low lunge with twist - hold for five breaths then repeat on opposite side

Lunge with twist
Low lunge with twist

3. Standing cat spine with bent knees

Standing cat pose
Standing cat spine with soft knees

4. Standing cow spine with bent knees - move between 3. and 4. with the breath 10 times 

Standing cow pose
Standing cow spine with soft knees

5. Uttanasana with soft knees - hold for 5 breaths 

Uttanasana with clasped hands
Uttanasana with soft knees

6. Legs up the wall - stay for as long as you can!

Legs up the wall
Legs up the wall

Download the sequence

Download and print the full sequence here

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