EkhartYoga Bloopers compilation 2014

Who knew...EkhartYoga teachers are human too! Let's have a look at some of our yoga class outtakes; we defy you to keep a straight face.

Ekhart yoga outtakes 2014

When we posted 2013’s blooper video we were surprised by the huge amount of positive reactions. People were *ROFL-ing, **LOL-ing and even ***LMAO-ing all over the world. around the world! We got so many requests for more that I decided to keep all the hilarious take-outs and make it regular event. 

So here it is: “EkhartYoga Bloopers Compilation 2014”!

Ekhart Yoga Outtakes

Being in front of the camera

I must say that I am so glad I’m standing on the right side of the camera where nobody can see me. Last week I featured in the free 1000th Yoga class as Esther’s student and I can tell you, I was very self-conscious!

I could not ‘stay with the breath’ as instructed. Instead, I stayed with the camera, worrying how I was coming across.

I was thinking things like “Now everybody will see how stiff I am!” and “Will the camera zoom in too much on me?” That kind of stuff…..imagine what it’s like as a yoga teacher, doing a yoga class in front of just a camera and a cameraman or woman. 

So I am full of respect for all the wonderful teachers who are able to put their ego aside and teach a beautiful class in front of imagined students (you guys) sitting on their mats at home. I know for a fact that it means a lot to our teachers to read and interact with your comments underneath their classes, and to know that there are people actually doing the class out in the world!

Filming Teachers 

Once we are ready to shoot, it sometimes happens that a teacher totally blanks or bursts out laughing! Ruud was filming the day Nichi’s hair got stuck – twice – on the button of her pants. Agnes was filming when Esther’s hair looked “really stupid” while Jenny was denying it….ever so loyal 🙂 You can hear Agnes LOL-ing in the background. Did you see it? 

Esther was very careful after last year’s video not to use any more bad language but she could not avoid the odd sneeze or burp though. You’ll see one clip in this video, with Esther E. and Esther T. ROFL-ing in the studio, with myself looking very serious, not knowing what was going on! 

I have enough giggles archived by Adela, Meghan and MacKenzie to make a “Bloopers 2.0”, so I only picked a few. Such a pleasure to work with happy people! 

The teachers who live abroad usually come over for a couple of days and stay with Esther and me. Great opportunity to connect and get to know each other. Usually we just chill after diner, catch up on the latest yoga gossip or talk about enlightenment /world cup soccer/watch a movie, glass of wine…Oh!…I mean herbal tea of course 🙂

When Raghunath was over from New York, his schedule was so tight that we had only one morning, starting at 6am, after 4 hours of sleep, to film 7 classes. That’s why in the blooper reel, he leaps up with joy, shouting: “Ow we got this!”, just in time to race him to the train station. I guess it also explained why he did not have a clue where he was when preparing his class with Rose. 

I hope you like it, enjoy your yoga and don’t get frustrated when you fall out of a pose, it happens to the best! 

Bas Paul

Dictionary for the over 40s: 
*LOL = laughing out loud 
**ROFL = rolling over the floor laughing 
***LMAO = laughing my ass off

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