Live your truth – daring to live the life you long for – part 5

The fifth part in Sandra Carson's Empowerment Series about the manifestation of who you are, and following what feels right for you.

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A life purpose is what so many people are searching for. “Why am I here? What am I supposed to do?” The answer to these questions is closer than you might think: The essential purpose of life is for living, for having the experience of living. When you live your life loving who you love, doing what brings you contentment, excitement or what feels meaningful to you, you are not looking for a purpose anymore. You are just living what you want to experience. 

When you deny, or you do not accept your own feelings, when you allow others to cross your boundaries, when you do not accept your own responsibility, it will be very difficult to feel your own desires and longing for how and what to live. You will tend to think a lot about what is “the right thing” to do, to say or to feel. Trying to sort out what is your Truth by thinking about it, is unlikely to bring you any closer to it, though. You will have to feel your way to it!

There is no one right path for everybody to follow. But that is not what many will want you to believe. There are many powers in the world that are looking to draw you in and persuade you to do what they want.

Companies and brands try to convince you to want the product they market. Spiritual leaders, methods and religions try to sell you the “One Right Path”. 

And people around you give you advice on what you ”should do”, and what is “ the right thing” all the time. Know that this is a ploy, conscious or unconscious, to sell you what they have, dictated by their own conditioning, interests or their own desires. 

When you are more concerned in pleasing others than yourself, whether these others are real people or only people in your mind, you will miss out on the most interesting, magical and unique part of yourself. To feel yourself fully and accept what you are feeling and to act on your inner compass, is being fully in alignment with your highest Truth. 

People who are fully aligned with what they desire, are people that inspire us. They are loved for their uniqueness and their gifts.

Following your inner guidance of emotions and feelings about what is right for you, no matter what that is, is a practice that will deeply empower you in your life and also inspire others to do the same. You will no longer play along into trying to satisfy the needs of others but you will break the patterns of co-dependency in your relationships. 

Living your life in alignment may have some effects that you initially do not see as positive, though. It may lead to a feeling of discord in the relationships that you have, because you no longer act to make someone else feel good. People around you will be thrilled by your transformation and support and applaud you. Other people will start to resent you and resist the changes they see. Choose your friends wisely and let go of the ones that don’t give you supportive feedback and are begrudging your change and growing empowerment. 

An empowered life is all about your desires and longings. They are shaped into form by your imagination and meant to be loved and lived by you. No matter how small or big, no matter if it is a silly phrase that wants to be uttered, a funny dance to be danced in your kitchen, or an ambitious project that you want to build – daring to express your truth and daring to live it, will bring you the greatest satisfaction and will bring the world the best part of yourself that you can offer.

Living your Truth will become easier and more fun as you become more accepting and confident in yourself. The more you see there is no right or wrong, the more you love your own uniqueness. Play with expressing small truths, express thoughts and feelings. No matter how weird you may think they are! 

Everyone’s life is unique in its own design. It is your job to get to know your uniqueness. Let it take you to wherever your curiosity takes you, your passion draws you to, or your interest calls you towards. By following your inner voice of longing, you live your life of Truth; a life of purpose and meaning. A magical life that is fully empowered. 

Practice the final class of the Empowerment series with Sandra Carson

Empowerment series, class 5: Live your truth

This empowerment class is all about the manifestation of who you are, and following what feels right for you. The practice of deeply trusting what makes you happy and satisfied and aligning your actions to that inner guidance, will make you a skilful creator of your own life. Being able to follow your inner navigation is not only empowering for you but ultimately also for those around you. This class will lead you to a mudra at the beginning and end of class, empowering breath work and an energising and empowering asana practice.

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