Nature as ourselves

We often marvel at the creative splendour of nature. The brilliant streaks of colour in the sunset have the power to move us to tears.....

nature as ourselves

The delicate grandeur of a flower in full bloom is a wonder to behold. The glimpse of majestic mountains on the horizon is a vision which can leave us breathless. Nature in its purest form has no ego and so, therefore, the flower and the mountain actually know nothing of their own beauty. They are simply being, growing, and expressing as they are naturally designed to do. 

The magnificence of nature actually arises from beyond our own perception of it. To spend time in nature usually feels like a coming home of sorts, a reconnection with something within ourselves that is deeper than just our everyday experiences. 

To feel the rich, warm radiance of the sun on our faces is to also connect with the beaming brilliance within ourselves. To feel the sweet melody in the song of a bird is to also sense the sweet song of Life playing within us. And to experience the breathtaking, awesome, majesty of a mountain is to touch the vast, magnificent power which exists in our own selves. All of the beauty, wonder, and creative expression that we experience in nature are simply reminders of the same qualities within ourselves.

A paraphrased summary of the ancient text of the Kena Upanishad states:

Not that which is perceived with the senses, but that which makes perception possible, know THIS to be the eternal.

So beyond all the sensory perceptions of colour, feeling, sound and dances of words, language and analysis there is more to what we experience on the surface. It is the sacred essence which inspires the sun to shine, the flowers to grow and our minds to think. It is different from the known, yet it is not unknown. When it is known as the innermost witness of all cognitions, whether sensation, perception or thought, then it is known.

When we stand speechless and breathless before a brilliant sky or the vast sea or even the delicate wings of a butterfly, we experience the KNOWING of this sacred essence within ourselves and within all. It is beyond what the mind can think or words can describe and at the same time the source of all experiences, thoughts and words, dancing through us and embracing all. 

And when we stand together in the knowing of the grand magnificence which makes perception possible, then our lives evolve with a richness and depth beyond any of our senses or experiences. There comes a sweet gratitude, reverence and deep love for all life, and we become the space for Life to happen and unfold.

Just as the flower grows and blossoms toward the sun.

****Jai Maa!!!****

With Love,


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