Pose of the week: Chair pose / Utkatasana

This pose is also called 'Powerful pose' and with good reason; it's a tough pose!

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Your seat of power

Utkatasana teaches you about finding your seat of power within your pelvis, in the centre of your body. When you find that power, the pose suddenly becomes much more accessible. There is a feeling of stamina and vitality within the pose, as if you have tapped into an extra source of energy.

Alignment tips

To access that power, first try allowing the weight to go down through the pelvis, making sure the pelvis is in a neutral position (neither tucked under or swayed back). When you begin to squat to come into the pose, move the sit bones a bit back while you draw the tailbone down. You will feel a release in the lower back and a broadening in the lower back. 

Next step is to gently lift the lower belly in and up when you lift the arms. Front ribs stay soft and the upper back and chest open. From the rooting of the pelvis down, you can access the natural lift of the spine upwards.


This pose will quickly increase your stamina and strength if you practise it regularly. You may also find that your experience of the pose changes and you’re more easily able to access that power within!

Here are some step-by-step instructions for Chair pose.

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