Pose of the week, Parsvottanasana / intense side stretch

Parsvottanasana is part forward bend and part balancing pose....

You might hear it called Pyramid pose or Intense side stretch pose. It’s often sequenced as a preparation for Parivrrta Trikonasana (Revolved Triangle pose).

I personally love forward bends, and balancing poses challenge me, so this pose works really well for me!
The balancing part requires focus, the forward bending part draws you into yourself. The stretch that you receive along the side of the body is quite refreshing. Pasrvottanasana works pretty well for me if I have menstrual cramps too. 

A pose available to everyone

What I also like is that you can modify this pose so it becomes available to all. You can place blocks under your hands and even bend the front knee to release the hamstrings.
You can place your hands in a reversed prayer pose behind your back for a strong(ish) shoulder opener, or you can just hold on to your elbows or forearms instead.
This pose can be positioned after the more active poses since it calms the mind down and sets the tone for a more inward practice afterwards.

Tip: Press the feet into the earth actively throughout the whole duration of the pose, to maintain the hip positioning to the front of the mat. Also, firm the outer hips into the mid-line.

Practise it and let me know the benefits it brings you…

Have a look at my step-by-step instructions for Pyramid pose / Parsvottanasana



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