The voice of the heart

It might be that in your heart you feel a desire to be more in harmony with your true nature, to be able to rest in what you really are.

voice of heart

 A tree doesn’t have such a desire. It does not create an image of itself and is therefore not confused about where it comes from, or who it really is or should be.

We are thinking beings. The mind plays a significant role in our existence. And that is also why it is so important to take our minds with us in that process towards being in more harmony with our true self. Or as some people would say it: ‘to live from the heart’. But do not confuse that with being motivated by passion. That is something totally different. From the heart means from the core. From the rock-solid realisation that you are a part of a greater whole from which nothing is excluded. And that everything exists for the whole. So therefore, you also have your contribution, even if you do not know what that is. Living from the heart, from the core, is – not needing to know.


We often forget that there is an entire world that lives like this, in pure harmony with who or what it really is. We call that ‘Nature’. And then experience ourselves as disconnected from it, which in turn compels us to seek ‘being with Nature’. We have forgotten that we are an inseparable part of it. That it is here, within, where you are. So close.

When you are with your breath in your body, and you feel your body, feel also the warmth in your body. Feel the presence of your body. Feel the nature of your body.

No mind

And nature has a voice. In Zen they say so beautifully that this is the voice of ‘no mind’. The body is equipped with a mind, with a thinking apparatus, but in itself is still ‘no mind’. It functions from ‘no mind’. As does everything that is a flower of Existence.

Meditation is about inviting your mind to calm down. So that your inner ear is opening up again to the voice of nature, the voice of ‘no mind’. What you could also describe as the voice of the heart, of the core.

And please know that it has never been lost. Nowhere. And also not in you. Because that is just not possible. It can at most be overlooked, covered up by thought and emotion. It is still singing to you from within. Patient, diligent, knowing that sometime someday you will hear, and rediscover what has always been, is, and will be.


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Taetske KleijnTaetske Kleijn is a spiritual teacher offering the Clarity Process of Jeru Kabbal, a clear path to self-realisation.