Get Grounded A sweet and gentle Vata Dosha class

For those of you who are in need of a sweet, gentle and very grounding practice, here you go! A Vata Dosha class that will give you a sense of strength, grounding and warmth. Not sure what Vata Dosha is? Here’s a hint: if your mind is racing, if reading this description requires too much focus, if you’re constantly feeling cold, if your skin is dry, if you talk a lot, if you forget to eat and if you hate routine – then this practice is for you. I know you don't like structure and want to just move on and on, but that might deplete you in time. Try this Ayurvedic practice for Vata Dosha daily or weekly for a while and see how much more balanced you start to feel! The other 2 classes in this Doshas series are: Calm down: A cooling and balancing Pitta dosha class and Move! An activating and warming Kapha dosha class.


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