Calm down A cooling and balancing Pitta Dosha class

I know… if you’re a Pitta person, the last thing you want to do is to do a relaxed, simple, easy practice. You want to challenge yourself, right? Push your boundaries? You crave a strong, physical practice? Well, it might not be such a good idea to take that road. It might just push your Pitta over the edge. So, here you go: a calming, cooling and balancing practice just for you. Not sure if you’re a Pitta person? Here are some characteristics: if you are a great planner, leader, producer or visionary, if you are intelligent, strong, passionate, competitive, if you can get irritated and angry easily - then this practice is for you. Try this practice daily or weekly for at least a month and be surprised by how balanced you feel! The other 2 classes in this Doshas series are: Get grounded: Sweet and Gentle Vata dosha class and Move! An activating and warming Kapha dosha class.


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