Move! An activating and warming Kapha Dosha class

If you’re a Kapha person, you probably long for a sloooow, quiet Yin practice. However, it might be more beneficial for you to try a more active class. One that challenges you. One that’ll help you to step out of your comfort zone. So, here you go: a practice for Kapha Dosha! Not sure if this one’s for you? If friends describe you as peaceful, sensitive, grounded, stable, compassionate, patient plus maybe a little bit possessive, attached and stubborn, then the answer is yes, this class is for you. Try it daily or at least weekly for a while and watch your energy levels rise. The other 2 classes in this Doshas series are: Calm down: A cooling and balancing Pitta dosha class and Get grounded: A sweet and gentle Vata dosha class.


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