Strong Body

Strong Body

Build strength in body and mind with short strength-focused classes on your abs, butt and arms combined with longer stamina classes. Cultivate a supportive attitude with talks and meditations. 

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This program is not just about shaping up. It is about discovering your own strength in body and mind.

What to expect?

The Strong Body program includes:

Short strengthening yoga classes targeting the arms and chest, abs and back, and legs and butt Sun Salutation classes to work on your stamina
Balancing Yin classes
Meditations and talks to help you cultivate a supportive attitude

Classes are for all levels but they build in intensity as the program progresses. 

The benefits

Getting stronger is not just about changing the shape of our bodies, it's also about creating that supportive muscular structure so our bodies can work more efficiently, improving our posture so we can stand tall and confidently in the world. When we feel strong it has a positive effect on the way we think about ourselves, our body language and our overall health. Ultimately it's about feeling and getting healthier! So enjoy your classes with that in mind.

"It really has been wonderful to see how quickly my strength has built up so far by following the 'Strong Body' program, I am finding that I feel stronger in my day to day tasks"
- EkhartYoga member