José de Groot

José specialises in teaching Yin Yoga and Anatomy Teacher Trainings. She also has a passion for dance and an interest in philosophy, psychology and Chinese medicine.

In each class you can expect to practise a combination of meditation, breathing exercises, various yoga poses and relaxation. This will help you to let go of stress, to breathe more consciously, to reconnect with yourself and to free any physical, emotional and/or mental tension. By offering personal adjustments and variations for each pose, José enables you to create your personalised and therapeutically beneficial practice with endless possibilities and no limitations.

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Yin with balls and blocks
José de Groot
Therapeutic, Yin Yoga
Do you often have headaches, neck ache, or tension in between the shoulder blades, lower back and buttocks? Is it difficult to release that tension with your yoga practice? Then this session is for you!Using 4 tennis balls, 2 socks and a block you will release muscular and fascia knots (this practice is also known as myofascial or deep tissue release) in the neck, upper and lower back and buttocks. We start at the neck, using a block to stimulate the area just below the skull (the area of acupuncture points UB10 & GB20). This helps to diminish headaches, neck stiffness, shoulder and back pain. We continue with Yin poses, using tennis balls to stimulate the area in between the shoulder blades, lower back and SI-joint, finishing at the buttocks.Play around with the position of your body in order to find the juicy spots. If it is too intense, move away from the area a little so you can relax more easily. Relaxation of the muscles we target with the balls or block is essential so that the pressure and gravity can work their magic. If you tense your muscles you might end up having bruises. The idea is to completely surrender and let go. While tension is released, stored emotions can arise as well; just allow them to come. At the end we will slip into Savasana right away, so make sure you are comfy and warm when you practice. This is a great practice to do before going to sleep!Props needed are: a block, 4 tennis balls and 2 sport socks (I will explain how to use these during the practice), a pillow or bolster and a blanket.